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Announcement Regarding Old Electric Panels Survey

Dear Parkfairfax Homeowners and Residents,

The Board has directed Parkfairfax Management to survey all units and identify the total number of outdated Federal Pacific Stab-Lok breaker panels remaining in the community. The purpose of this data collection is to safely upgrade our electrical infrastructure and prepare the Association for next year’s insurance policy negotiations.

The survey process will consist of two phases. First, homeowners and residents will be given the convenience of submitting pictures of their current electric panel, updated or not, along with their unit address to the following email address: starting immediately and for a period of 60 days, expiring on September 30.

Please make sure the picture clearly shows the front of the breaker panel opened like the example picture below:

The second phase will apply only to units that do not submit the requested information via email and will consist of a physical inspection of each unit’s electric panel by a Parkfairfax maintenance staff member. We will schedule an in-unit inspection and notify all homeowners and residents when maintenance staff will go into each unit to gather this information.

There will be an article in the upcoming monthly newsletter that will explain the project in more detail. If there are any questions about the purpose or process, please direct them to the Management team.