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Parkfairfax Floral Landscape


Beginning Wednesday, April 14th, and continuing through Friday, April 16th, (weather permitting), Community Landscaping will begin our bi-annual turf treatments in various locations.  Please note that we will be using only liquid in this round. They will be spraying both Prodiamine 4L a pre-emergent herbicide to attack emerging weeds and Triplet which is a post emergent herbicide to attack the winter weeds.  Areas will be marked with signage, but to be safe we recommend that you keep your pets and children off for 2 hours. Both products SDS sheets can be found on our website, under the landscaping tab.

Please see attached map with dates and areas to be treated.  All fronts and open rears will be done.

Please contact the office at 703-998-6315 with any questions.

Thank you,

Parkfairfax Management Team