Parkfairfax Unit Owners Association

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October 2011 Newsletter

October 2011 Newsletter

In this issue…

Public forum Regarding Asbestos in Parkfairfax

Review Committee for the Woodlands Management Plan

Public Hearing on Laundry Room Closures

What is the Reserve Account in the Parkfairfax Budget?

Lawn Application

Community Survey Reminder

New (Much Improved) Website

Save the Date: Wine and Cheese Social

Committee Roundup

Doggie Dip Delights

Opportunity to Enhance Parkfairfax Woodlands

Luley Lawsuit

Meeting for Proposed Metro Bus Changes

Attic Level Ceilings

Cathy Condo

Reminder to Vote for Parkfairfax

Covenants Committee Volunteers Needed!

Parkfairfax Tree Walking Tour

Pet Waste Receptacles

Landscape Notes

Impounded Bikes

Party Room Rental Available

Please Keep Lights on for Safety

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

October USP Special

Lost Ring?

Door Paint for Sale

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Letter to the Editor

July 20, 2011 Board Meeting Mintues